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Where are the girls from ?
All girls shown on the website are from UK and most were all filmed in their own homes.

Are the girls professional models ?
No. All girls you see are amateurs.

How often are new girls added to the list ?
This does vary. We aim to add a couple every month, which will be placed at the top of 'The Girls' page, for easy reference.

How do i install the game ?
The game engine is provided by PokerGirls. You can either click the link on our website, or visit pokergirls.com to download the free game. Allow the game to install on your 'C' drive. Do not change this, as this is also where the girls are installed and the game engine relies upon this location.

How do i install the girls ?
Once purchased, we will send emails containing a download link for each girl you buy. Download and install in the same way as the game engine. When you open Pokergirls, you are immediately taken to the girls loading page, where all of your installed opponents are placed. (view the screenshot on our 'The Girls' page)

What if the girls don't install or play correctly ?
It is important to install our Free Demo girl (SimoneDemo) before you make a purchase. If Simone plays ok, then all other girls should too.

How do i buy girls ?
Simply send us an email requesting the girls you want to buy. They are all priced the same at £2.50 each. We will email a confirmation invoice to you with our account details to make payment. Once payment is received, we will email the girls to you as attachments.

Can i use a credit card ?
Currently we do not have credit card facilities.

How soon will i receive my purchases ?
Usually within 24 hours. You will be notified if there will be a delay for any reason.